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Martijn van Ark

Software Architect / Engineer

A versatile, adaptable and to the point developer, with a  practical "getting things done" approach. Getting pragmatic oriented results, while transforming ideas into reality.

About Me

Creative Software Architect / Engineer

Hi! My name is Martijn van Ark. I am a creative Software Architect / Engineer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 20 years of experience, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make any project a success. 

Well-versed in numerous programming languages and environments for Desktop, Mobile and Web based development, making for a flexible and broad spectrum of possibilities. 

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What I do

The things I thrive at


What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. Now more then 20 years later I still greatly enjoy writing practical code to get "to the point" solutions with a "getting things done" approach 


Short turn around's and quick prototyping allow for a pragmatic perspective in development. This enables me to use my creativeness to bring out amazing and sometime unorthodox solutions and results 

Out of the Box

Being able to let go of routinely standards and practices provides a fresh approach to development cycles. This "out of the box" way provides off beat an individualistic results and solutions.  


Software development, App development and Web development. Whether is just partial or a project in its entirety, anything is possible. Making for flexible and multifaceted applicability of my abillities


What has been keeping me busy


Scanactive is the beating heart of the multi platform Check4ID application. It consists of public and private backends, frontends and API's

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Check4ID is mainly an iPhone and Android app that read and processes various electronic identity documents using OCR and NFC.

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Check4ID NOW

Check4ID NOW incorporates extend functionality that enables users to quickly and easily verify their customer or end-users identity and check their information.

Check4ID NOW Logo


DocviewStudio is a PC based total sulution for identity document reading. It supports various forms of supplemental scanner and output devices

DocviewStudio Logo


ValidateDMx is the complete 2D quality validation system for Data Matrix ECC 200 codes. It is designed to work on all types of direct marking (DPM) and label marking applications.

ValidateDMX Logo


Phoenix is a multiplatform Datamatrix decoding and verification solution. It is core of validateDMX and implements numerous international standards.

Phoenix Decoder Logo


Online creation storing , management and printing of numerous types of barcode types. With emphasis on correctly generating and encoding complex barcode types such as UID, GS1 and more.

Labeltools Logo


Dynamic Sleep Tracking and monitoring with emphasis on regaining control and support for CPAP usage and tracking. Online environment + Android app. Visual representations and entry of data make for easy monitoring.

VisiSleep Logo


Online Inventory management combined with project support for electrical parts. Easily keep track of your currently available small parts stock. Supports per project booking, BOM's , Ordering etc.

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How i got here

R&D Software Architect / Engineer 

ScanID b.v.
oct 2014 -  current  

ScanID is, of sorts, a partial re-establishment of VDE ID Solutions. Did a complete re-evaluation, redesign and rewrite of previous software, resulting in the completely new DocviewStudio software packages.

Responsible for the Check4ID App's for Android and iOS, as well as Check4ID NOW. This includes OCR en NFC reading of identity documents for Android and iOS. 

Created the Online platform which powers extended features of Check4ID and other applications. Consisting of frontends, backends and API's, both public and private.

All elements can communicate and or enable their users to integrate reading results in their own applications.

R&D Software Engineer

VanDerEng ID Solutions b.v.
feb 2011 - oct 2014  

Performed the initial development regarding hardware and software for ICAO based identity document scanning and processing.

This includes communication with different types of devices and protocols as well as ICAO compatible NFC chip access and reading of e-Passports, e-ID 's and e-Drivers licenses.

R&D Software Engineer

Tohken Europe b.v.
jan 2006 - jan 2011  

Further development of Datamatrix algorithms as well as the PC Based ValidateDMX Software to process the decoding of Datamatrix codes for extended validation / verification according to various international standards and specifications.

Also did R&D and wrote software for managing and configuring the company's unique build barcode scanners (both fixed and portable).

R&D Software Engineer

European Symbology Researc Centre
may 2002 - dec 2005  

R&D and software/algorithm development for multi platform and embedded decoding of 2D Datamatrix Symbols. Specifically with regards to Direct Part Marking symbols on hard to read surfaces and their validation / verification.

Freelance all-round Developer

Self Employed
nov 1999 - current

Whenever time and circumstances permit I will take on freelance and/or voluntary passion projects ranging from software / web development to graphics oriented projects, as well as electrical engineering.

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom


Technische informatica / Computertechniek / Technische computerkunde

ROC de Amerlanden
1997 - 2001

"Technische Informatica" is an IT discipline and a branch of technology that deals with everything that lies on the border of electrical engineering and IT. Computer technicians use principles from electrical engineering, software design, and hardware-software integration.

Technical computer science focuses more on the mathematical and physical foundations of computer science.


ROC de Amerlanden
1995 - 1997  

"Werktuigbouwkunde" or mechanical engineering is an engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

After 2 years i internally transferred to Technische Informatica

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